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Welcome to the Star Trek: Augustus!

The year is 2295...


It has been 2 years since the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets began it's official peace talks on the planet Khitomer and in the years that have followed an uneasy peace has begun. The Klingon Empire has worked with Federation specialists to begin the evacuation of their former homeworld and colonization of a new world, yet the process has proven to be slow. Due to the new peace new areas of space have opened up for exploration, routes through dangerous areas and planets unexplored areas that were in dispute are now primed to finally be explored.

Because of this Starfleet has begun expanding it's exploratory operations once more, though the loss of James T. Kirk at the launch of the Enterprise-B has left a scar on the minds of many. There are those who now look to this program for the next Kirk, for the next leader to rise from the ranks and leave a mark on the galaxy. Will this new titan rise from the new Enterprise, the Enterprise-B? Still only just a year old? Or is it really the ship that makes the man and not the other way around?

The legends of the past linger on, but a new era awaits, an era of peace, an era of unease, and an era of exploration and new frontiers.

Put another way, in those most famous words.

Space, the final frontier, these are the voyages of the starship Augustus. Her new mission, to seek out strange new worlds, and new civilizations, to bring the light of hope and truth to even the darkest places. To boldly go where none have dared go before…

Star Trek: Augustus is an online Roleplaying Forum set in the Star Trek universe. As with many roleplaying groups before us, our story is a sort of novel, written by the various players who control their individual characters. All facilitated and in some ways provoked by the Game Master, hereafter referred to as the GM. The story is broken up into individual episodes and beyond that, each episode is made up of a number of individual threads on the forum. The episodes, as with most TV shows, contain some self-contained plots, and some plots that will continue from episode to episode, allowing for a detailed character exploration if the writer so chooses. It is the role of the GM to consolidate the various storylines of each character into some semblance of a cohesive whole, as well as it is the role of each player to work within the main plot to both further their own unique storylines of character exploration and the overall plot of the episode.

The episodes of Star Trek: Augustus can take anything from six months tow well over a year to reach completion depending on both the writer's involvement with the overall story and their drive to develop and write each individual episode. While as greater brush strokes of the episode may be planned out from the episodes inception, it is the details that make the beast and often the story will change as new developments happen. Thus it is impossible to directly predict or control for these kinds of things and stories may turn out in wholly unexpected ways. This means that there is no script to follow in the storyline, though if a writer does get stuck they may of course request some ideas from both the GM and the group as a whole.

We are a highly literate group, with a 150 words minimum posting requirement, and a minimum response time to all the threads you are active in within 7 days. We look forward to hearing from highly motivated individuals should you be interested in contributing to our story!

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Swearing and mature language is permitted. Sexual content may be described in detail Graphic violence is permitted.

This means no one under the age of 18 may join. If you are under 17 you might as well leave now, there are plenty of other roleplay out there that would love to have you as part of their crew. You have been warned.

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